Film "The Price of the American Dream"

The Price of the American Dream

The American Dream

Millions of people embark on the pursuit of the American Dream every day.  With this intention, they come from all over the world, particularly, from the south of the border.  Soon enough, many discover the dream is filled with obstacles. In essence, “The Price of the American Dream” is a film about a Latin family as they pursue their American Dream.

The Muñoz family

The Muñoz family is on the verge of achieving their lifelong dream of obtaining legal U.S. citizenship. However, their joy is tempered by many obstacles. First, family members experience cultural identity crises. Second, societal differences have increased their resentment. Finally, a profound generational clash between US natives and Mexicans threatens their bonds. 

The cast

The movie boasts a talented cast. Among them, Rebeca Silva, Albertossy Espinoza, Gabriel Guillén, Carlos Méndez, Raquel Jimenez, Liz Paroan, Eloy Mendez, Joseph Khouri, Dave Cobert, Lucio Arroyo, Luis Enrique D’ Los Cobos, Maria Isabel Aguilera, Gigi Erneta, Lorena Mena, Marcio Rosario, and Antonio Rufino. A special mention goes to Mario Ramirez Reyes, both a talented actor and the producer of this compelling film.

The story

“The Price of the American Dream” is written by prolific writer José Ramón Nevarez. Several universities currently utilized the film to study the Latino reality in the United States.

The director

Jackie Torres plays a pivotal role not only as an actress but also as the director and adapter of the story. Her multifaceted involvement adds a unique perspective to the storytelling, ensuring the film’s authenticity and depth.

Dreams come with a price

In conclusion, “The Price of the American Dream” is an unfiltered look at the hurdles Latinos face in the United States. Notably, It’s a poignant reminder that dreams come with a price.


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  1. Where can I watch the price of the American dream the 1st one plz let me know

  2. Any other apps or websites I could watch it been looking for movie for years now

    1. Currently, the film is only available on DVD.

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