Jackie TorresWho is Jackie Torres?

Jackie Torres is a communicator that stands out as a director, producer, writer, actress and host in film, TV, radio and theater. Her work as a communicator has concentrated on providing the tools we all need to improve our daily communication. The first great obstacle she faced, when she first decided to study in the United States, was to communicate in a language that was not hers, English. With great determination and effort, she defeated the language barrier and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications at the University of Maryland and after that a Master’s Degree from the University of Puerto Rico.

Jackie quickly dabbled into the world of communications through the production of TV shows but before that she had to conquer another obstacle, to be a female TV producer in a world where there were only male ones.Jackie Torres, Hector Marcano, Efrain Lopez Neris & Funky Joe produce She continually fought against TV stereotypes that demeaned women, establishing in the process shows that highlighted positive family communication, something that continues to be the top goal of her TV shows, films, theater plays, radio shows and books. In the picture: Jackie Torres, the only female producer, with Héctor Marcano, Efraín López Neris and Funky Joe producing TV show “Marcano…El Show”.


Jackie’s Story

Jackie Torres, Janet Torres & Nirita Ruiz in TV commercial for BarkersJackie Torres directed, wrote, and starred in her first theater play at the age of 12. By the age of 16 she had already acted in over a dozen national commercials in Puerto Rico. In the picture, Jackie Torres, Janet Torres & Nirita Ruiz pose for the “New Era” Commercials for one of the most popular department stores of the 80’s: Barkers.

It was no surprise to Jackie’s close ones when she got a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Theater from the University of Maryland, a Master’s Degree in Communications from the University of Puerto Rico, and completed the acting program of HB Studios in New York.

Soon enough, Jackie became the host of her first TV show, “TVS,” at a local cable station in Puerto Rico. In the picture Jackie Torres interviews Quito Blanco of Puerto Rican Rock Band Top Banana. Jackie Torres & Quito Blanco for TV show

This TV show gave Jackie enough exposure to be hired by the top TV Network, Telemundo. There, she produced “Marcano…El Show,” “Con lo que Cuenta este Pais,” “Pequeños…Grandes Lecciones,” and “Videoteces,” all among the top ten in ratings and the first two went up to the number one spot.

In the picture, Jackie Torres plays “Martha” the only known girlfriend of funny character “Israel” portrayed by Raul Carbonell on TV show “Con lo que cuenta este país.Jackie Torres & Raul Carbonell on TV show Later on, Telemundo brought Jackie to Los Angeles, California, to produce “La Hora Lunática,” the first show to win in its time slot over its strongest competitor.

It did not take long for Jackie to venture into the cinema world where she played the lead roles in Mexican films: “El Güero Estrada,” “La Paloma y el Gavilán,” “Cuatro Meses de Libertad,” and “Clave Secreta,” among others.Jackie Torres & Manuel Benitez on film

Hollywood followed. She has starred in several independent films, including “The Price of the American Dream,” which she also directed, and co-wrote, “After Words” with Marcia Gay Harden, “Perfect Assassins” with Robert Patrick, “Miss Castaway” with Michael Jackson and many others. On TV she has acted on “Black Monday” for Showtime, “Bosch” for Amazon, “Torchwood” for Starz/BBC’s,“ER” for NBC, “The District” for CBS & several shows for theFilm Discovery Channel and TLC. She has also loaned her voice to “Grand Theft Auto 5”, the highest selling video game in history. She has also hosted and produced the radio show “Revelaciones Proféticas” (Prophetic Revelations). Her latest film is “Domino: Battle of the Bones” and is expected to be released in theaters by the end of 2020.



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