Book "Save Me First" by Jackie Torres
Book “Save Me First” written by Jackie Torres

Jackie Torres is a writer, author of several film scripts, TV shows, theater plays, radio shows and a book. They all focus on communicating effectively. Through her education in journalism, her scripts and investigative reports at the University of Maryland and the University of Puerto Rico Jackie Torres learned the necessary techniques to be the writer of practically any document.

Because of it, she was able to write over 200 episodes of the TV show “La Hora Lunática” (The Looney Hour), 193 episodes of TV program “Marcano…El Show,” several TV series, including “Pequeños…Grandes Lecciones” (Small ones…Big Lessons), several TV specials, co-write the movies “The Price of the American Dream” and “East LA King,” besides writing “Crossing Frontiers,” several theater plays, a radio show, and the book “Save me First.”


Currently, Jackie shares all of that writing training and experience through public communication seminars and classes. Writing has a technique and is not based simply on a gift or a natural ability; it needs to be polished, have an order and must fulfill certain criteria so that the audience understands what is written. From teaching her student the most efficient way to write the best possible speeches to training them to write scripts, letters and even books, Jackie makes sure her students can communicate effectively in today’s competitive world.

Written by Jackie Torres:

2017 Save Me First (Book)
2016 Sálvame a Mi Primero (Book)
2016 Revelaciones Proféticas (Radio Show)
 2007 Crossing Frontiers (Short Film) 
 2004 East LA King (Film) 
 2004 Atrapamos a Bin Laden (Film)
 2001 The Price of the American Dream (Film)
 1995 La Hora Lunática (TV Series) (200 episodes)
 1993 Pequeños…Grandes Lecciones (TV Mini-Series) 
 1990 Marcano…El Show (TV Series) (193 episodes)

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