Here are some videos that feature trailers from some films, TV shows and books of Jackie Torres.


Here are some short clips from the films of Jackie Torres.


East LA King

Shot in East Los Angeles, California, this film explore the harsh realities experienced by many Hispanics in this mostly Latino neighborhood of the United States. The film directed and co-written by Jackie Torres has reached important international platforms like Netflix, Cine Latino and worldwide distribution through Laguna Films.

The Price of the American Dream

This film dared to be bilingual (English-Spanish) when that was unheard of in Hollywood. Since the director, Jackie Torres, knew firsthand Latino families communicate in English and Spanish at home, she wanted to keep it that way. The film, therefore, has a reality to it almost impossible to achieve by bigger budgets movies. The movie became an instant independent success that helped launch a distribution company.

TV Shows

La Hora Lunática

This TV show, produced by Jackie Torres, beat its strongest competitor in its time slot, creating in the process a new era in Hispanic television in the United States.

Con lo que cuenta este país

This TV show occupied the first place in ratings in Puerto Rico. The sitcom was so successful that several TV specials, live shows, a music record and even spin-offs featuring some of the characters emerged during and after it.

Marcano…El Show

Winner of Puerto Rico’s top television awards, this variety show produced and written by Jackie Torres, became the undisputed number one show of Puerto Rico two years in a row, reaching an unprecedented 34 points of rating (among the highest in Puerto Rican history).


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Dante Night Show

Book Save Me First


En el momento mas doloroso de nuestras vidas Dios concede las enseñanzas mas increíbles. Esto les comparto en el libro "Sálvame a mi Primero" que da herramientas para que descubramos que hasta el dolor puede ser una bendición disfrazada. Para prueba con este video basta. Gracias por verlo y por adquirir el libro en—At the most painful time of our lives, God gives the most incredible teachings. I share them with you in the book "Sálvame a mi Primero" (Save me First) that gives tools to discover that even pain can be a blessing in disguise. This video is the proof. Thanks for watching it and for getting the book at

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