As a TV producer, Jackie Torres has focused on shows that promote the communication between family members.  Some of these TV shows have tilted towards comedy: “La Hora Lunática,” “Con lo que cuenta este país,” and “Marcano…El Show,” others on improving our daily communication through motivational real life examples: “Pequeños…Grandes Lecciones,”Pequeños...Grandes Lecciones Jackie Torres producer all shows aired on Telemundo. In theater, Jackie has dedicated herself to produce plays that have remained popular for many years and that promote moral values such as “The Passion of Jesus” and “Mom solves the crisis”. In radio, Jackie uses her skills as an investigative journalist to decipher the communication that exists between millenary biblical prophecies and modern society on “Prophetic Revelations”.

TV Show "La Hora Lunática" produced by Jackie Torres - cast & crew






In the picture, the cast & crew of TV show “La Hora Lunática,” from left to right: Mario Ramirez (head comedian & writer), Diana Cuevas (administrative assistant), Fernando Yrra (talent coordinator), Julieta García (talent coordinator), Julián Bustamante (associate producer), Jackie Torres (senior producer), Humberto Luna (host) and the ballet of Belkys and MasJuan.


Produced by Jackie Torres:

TV Series
La Hora Lunática (200 Episodes) Telemundo
Marcano…El Show (260 Episodes) Telemundo
La Hora Supersónica (30 Episodes) Telemundo
Con lo que Cuenta Este País (660 Episodes) Telemundo
Videoteces (30 Episodes) Telemundo
Los Mas Chistosos (5 Episodes) (TV Series) Humor Channel

TV Specials
Pequeños…Grandes Lecciones (3 Specials)  Telemundo
La Pelea del Siglo (3 specials) Telemundo
Mr. Puerto Rico Hot Body (1 special) Telemundo
Friday Jam con Gloria Trevi (1 Special)  Telemundo
Share the Dream (1 Documentary) Share the Dream Foundation

The Price of the American Dream (Feature Film)
Carga Blanca (Feature Film)
Atrapamos a Bin Laden (Feature Film)
Crossing Frontiers (Short Film)

Radio Shows
Revelaciones Proféticas (Investigative Talk Show)

Things to do in LA (Internet show)

Theater & Live Shows
Don Juan Tenorio (2019-2005) (Theater Play)
Cantinfleando (2019) (Theater Play)
El Ilegal (2017-2016) (Theater Play)
Cri-Cri (2017-2007) (Children’s Theater Show)
Mama Soluciona la Crisis (Theater Play)
Que padre tan padre (Live Variety Show)
Cupido pide Amnistía (Live Variety Show)
Cupido Indocumentado (Live Variety Show)
El Comodín (Live Comedy Show)
Cri-Cri en Navidad (Theater Show)
Yo cocino mejor que tu mai’ (Live Comedy Show)
Yo se mas que tu (Live Comedy Show)
The Dream Continues (Live Variety Show)
Maria’s Dream (Live Variey Show)
Domingos Espectaculares (Live Variety Show)
Jesus: Pescador de Almas (Theater Play)
Reyes Magos al son de Cri-Cri (Theater Play)
El combate: Mexico/PR (Live Comedy Show) Producer / Writer
Los Magos Mongos (Live Comedy Show)
The Passion of Jesus (Theater Play)
El Gallo Lio (Theater Play)
La Magia de los Comediantes (Comedy Show)
La Migra no llega a Belén (Theater Play)
Los Latinos son de Puro Vacilón (Live Variety Show)

Music Videos
No es Fácil (Singer: Ricardo Duque)
Hasta el sol de hoy (Singer: Edgar Joel) Producer
Te ves Buena (Singer: Wilfred Morales) (Video Parody) Producer
Necesito una Chica (Singer: Miguel Morales) (Video Parody)  Producer

Live Shows
De Plaza en Plaza con Coca Cola 
La Hora Supersónica en LMM 





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