Jackie Torres as Mireya on El Güeto Estrada

Film El Güero Estrada

The Movie

El Güero Estrada is a movie about human trafficking of illegal immigrants at the south of the border of the United States.  Mireya (Jackie Torres) is a seer who knows not only the future but the past as well of a heartless man, el Güero (Gilberto de Anda) who enjoys using and abusing illegal immigrants until one of them (Mario Ramírez) faces him. 

The Story

This story is an action drama. It exposes how illegal immigrants are aid by coyotes (human traffickers). Instead of helping them to cross illegally, they are selling them. A detective (Manuel Ojeda) is after the leader of one of the many trafficking rings. A tough endeavor since the rings involve a powerful buyer (Sebastian Ligarde) in North America.


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