Domino Battle of The Bones Behind the Scenes

Domino is a Mental Game

Domino is a mental game that brings communities together. That is the main idea behind the movie “Domino Battle of The Bones” in theaters this summer.

The film, directed by Baron Davis, focuses on how a tournament of bones brings together an entire community. It all happens in a low income neighborhood of California. In Compton, to be precise. There, families with diverse backgrounds will compete to win the biggest cash price of this game in this neighborhood.

The competition brings out the best or worse in them. Win or lose, no one comes out empty handed of this tournament. The ties that bind families, for example, are tested. The Ines family (Ruben Garfias, Jackie Torres, Valeria Vallejos, Carlito Olivero) deal with their differences through the game.

Interracial families (Lou Beatty Jr. & Nathan Dana) also face their most intimate fears through this tournament. One thing is clear, this game will either make them stronger or brake them. 

In the photo, Baron Davis directing his 1st movie  with cast (from left to right): Jackie Torres, Ruben Garfias, Bigg Jah & Valeria Vallejos.

The film was also directed by Steven V. Vazquez & Carl Reid. The script was written by Pamela Azmi-Andrews with Davis and Reid collaborating as well. The movie was produced by Dow Jazz Films, Her Pictures, No Label Productions in association with Slated.


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