Hospital Survival Tips

200 ways to survive a hospital physically, mentally and spiritually

Like most people when I was brought to the hospital, after my accident, I did not know I could actually die from being there. I found out, long after, that the 3rd cause of death in the United States is medical errors. An investigation made by the John Hopkins University School of Medicine confirmed this on 2016 but like most people I came to the hospital unaware of it. I had to discover there the hard truth experiencing it first hand. My hard learned experiences gave way to the book: “Save me First” (200 ways to survive a hospital physically, mentally and spiritually). I hope you find the time to explore them all in this surprising yet real life account. Meanwhile, I will give you some of these commonly ignored life saving tips.

Here are 5 of these important tips to survive a hospital stay

1. Read every label  Medication Labels - Book "Save Me First"

Reading the labels of all medications given to you could save your life. With so many patients and employees, giving you medication that was intended for someone else is a common occurrence in a hospital so always read the label to make sure your name is the one on it.

2. Ask

If you are requested for an unannounced test make sure you are the one they want. New patients are constantly admitted into a hospital. Since there are so many patients and so many employees the information can and will get mixed up. Fortunately, paperwork is usually more precise than the employees. Ask to see the paperwork, to make sure you are the one needed for the test. Otherwise, you might have to settle for a leg removal when all you had was a cold.

3. Be active not passive Jackie Torres Book "Save Me First"

If you want to live do not leave anything to chance. No one knows your symptoms and needs better than you. Make sure they are taken care of. Follow up on everything. Your business while at the hospital is to keep yourself alive so make it your work, your task. Make sure you get the medication, procedures, food, silence, environment and treatment needed.

4. Keep friends and family aroundJackie Torres & Violeta Torres Book "Save Me First"

Too often, there are just too many patients for very few employees. This is when having family and friends to help you will literally mean the difference between living and dying. As a rule of thumb, everyone who comes to visit you should help with a task: a massage, washing your hair, feeding you, helping you walk, little tasks become life saving ones.

5. Avoid hospitals after holidays

If there is an option, avoid going to a hospital after a holiday. Hospitals are full after holidays and that is because people want to enjoy the food and company of their loved ones before going to a hospital. That is a huge mistake since most people do the same and the hospitals are so crowded that the wait alone will make you feel considerably worse.

By Jackie Torres
May 22, 2017

For more ways to survive a hospital stay read the book “Save Me First” by Jackie Torres.  Book "Save Me First" by Jackie Torres

Jackie Torres is a film, TV and theater writer. Universities use her films to analyze the Hispanic reality in the United States. Her TV shows have been number one in ratings. She is a speaker, university professor, producer, director, member of the team of actors for the training of medical students in a world-renowned university, has an Associate Degree in Theology, a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Maryland and a Master’s Degree from the University of Puerto Rico in Communications.



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  1. Guardabosque says:

    Una Confesión digna de ser escuchada.
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    Cuando la vida te envía pruebas, hay que estirar el brazo para sujetarse de algo más arriba de uno, algo bueno, quizás Divino. La esperanza es necesaria.

  2. Yvonne Hammel says:

    Excellent Book!! could not put it down a must read!

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