Jackie Torres's book "Save Me First"

Save Me First

In this eye-opening book, Jackie uses her communication skills to give valuable tips to survive a hospital stay. She shares real life stories in a hospital setting that will help patients, their relatives as well as students of any health care field. It is a motivational story filled with life-saving information for anyone who has been, will be o knows someone who is, has been or will be in a hospital.

It provides over 200 ways to survive a hospital physically, mentally and spiritually.

A hospital room, too many patients on the verge of death, they all want to be saved first. An inspiring true survival story.

“Save me First”

The incredible struggle for survival in a room, filled with patients on the verge of death that want to be saved first, is the main plot of a real story in a novel that shows over 200 simple, accessible and even funny ways to survive a hospital where cultural, language, ethnic and personality differences test physical, mental and spiritual healing.

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