Jackie Torres shares her vast experience in multiple areas of public communication through revealing books and seminars that will provide its readers and students valuable shortcuts to write, produce, direct and act on television, films, theater, radio and the written media. 

Directing Seminars

Learn to direct films, TV, radio shows and theater plays from someone who not only has a Master’s Degree in all of those areas but also has been a director in all of them. Jackie has achieved this in 3 markets: USA, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Why settle for just a teacher or just a director when someone who is actually active in both areas can train you?

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TV and Radio Shows produced by Jackie Torres


Production Seminars

Let the producer of top rated TV shows, successful independent films, long running theater plays and in-depth investigative radio shows guide you on what is needed to produce in cinema, television, theater and radio for both, the English and Spanish speaking entertainment market, in the United States.

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