Communication Seminars with Jackie Torres

We live in the era of communication. Whether it be through social media, in our jobs, at school or whatever our daily lives involve, sooner or later we will have to communicate with someone. We must do it correctly or we risk losing our jobs or even lose a friendship or create grudges with our families or even lose a benefit because we were not able to communicate what we needed or wished for adequately. The vast experience of Jackie Torres as a communications professor, as well as her ample career in the entertainment media have given her the necessary tools to communicate in multiple platforms successfully.  Now, Torres puts that knowledge within reach of all in revealing seminars that will make an excellent communicator of whoever wishes to be one. Whether it be written communication, through letters, speeches, scripts and more or verbal communication, using speeches, acting or simply being able to overcome a presentation in front of other people, Torres gives the concrete steps that do not fail when the time comes to get our audience to understand our message positively. 


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